How does registration work, when do you have to be on site and which course is the right one for you? Browse through our FAQs and find the answers to all the important questions about our courses.

If you have any questions or special requests, please feel free to contact us directly at any time using our contact form.


From what age can children start at the ski school?

For the little ones, our diaper-diaper courses start from 2.5/3 years. Our diaper-diaper course lasts 45 minutes and takes place in the company of a parent. The children should be slowly introduced to a new sport. The focus is on fun and games and getting used to the equipment.

We offer two-hour ski courses for children aged 4 and over. In contrast to the diaper-diaper course, we have fixed learning objectives from this age and this course takes place without parents. Our experience has shown that children of this age are usually overwhelmed by longer lessons and that 2 hours is an optimal time for intensive learning.

From the age of 6, you can choose between half-day (2 hours a day) and full-day courses (4 hours a day). We achieve faster learning success at this age with full-day courses, but remember not to overtax your child. If you are unsure, book a half-day course, which can be upgraded to a full-day course on site.

Our age limits are guidelines. Some children are ready for a 2-hour course at the age of 3.5, while other 4-year-olds feel even more comfortable in a diaper-diaper course. Some 5-year-olds really want to ski all day, while other 8-year-olds have had enough after 2 hours. After consultation with our ski instructors, we try to cater to your individual wishes.

Which clothing is best suited?

Please dress your children appropriately for the weather. Long underwear and ski socks for warm feet, sunglasses or ski goggles, waterproof gloves and sun protection are essential for a successful day's skiing. A combination of ski trousers and anorak is ideal, especially for putting on and taking off quickly and easily during toilet breaks.

You will find practical accessories and functional clothing in our Wörndle sports store.

What equipment is needed?

A helmet is not just a stylish accessory, it's a must. In the event of a fall or collision, the head is at the greatest risk, which is why we never ride without it. If your child does not have a helmet, please borrow one before the course starts. At Rental Wörndle we have a large selection of perfectly fitting models. And if you would prefer to buy your child their own helmet right away, take a look in our sports store. No sticks are required for playing lessons or for beginners. On our children's area we have all sorts of colorful, fun tools that the children can hold in their hands instead and that pose much less risk of injury than sticks. Please provide poles for children who have already mastered the plow and lift. The ski instructor then decides whether poles are needed.

Where can I find the right equipment and clothing for the slopes?

Whether adults or kids, at Sport Wörndle you will find everything you need for the courses, from skis, snowboards, ski boots and helmets to functional underwear and stylish ski fashion. And if you would prefer to hire your equipment for the time being, take a look at Rental Wörndle. Our team is guaranteed to find the right equipment for you from our large selection of top models.

Where do I get my course card and what do I need it for?

At the ski school office you will receive a two-part ski course card when you book. The top section is yours, the bottom section with the barcode is your ticket to the ski course. Hand this form in to the ski instructors on the first day before the course starts. Your children cannot take part in the ski course without a course card. Even if you book online, please collect your course card from the store before the course starts.

The course ticket does not replace a lift ticket.

When do the ski lessons take place?

Our course times are from Sunday to Friday:
10:00 - 12:00 a.m.
13:30 - 15:30

Where are the meeting points for the children's ski courses?

Depending on the course, we ask you to bring your child to the appropriate meeting point. The location of the course is indicated on the course card.

The practice area for our diaper diaper courses is located opposite the Kinderhotel Buchau near the big penguin Bobo and can be reached in about five minutes on foot through the underpass.

SONNENSKIWIESE (09:45, 13:15):
You will find our beginners' children's area in Maurach opposite the Hotel Mauracher Hof.

ROFAN (09:30):
If the meeting point for your kids' course is at the Rofan cable car, you can either hand them over to the ski instructors at the valley station or take them directly to the meeting point on the mountain.

Attention: Lift tickets are required.

Where are the meeting points for the adult courses?

Meeting point for all skiers and snowboarders is 15 minutes before the start of the course at the assembly point on the Rofan. For cross-country skiers directly in the main store.

How is lunchtime supervision organized?

Children attending a four-hour ski course can be supervised from 12:00 - 13:30 and have lunch with the ski instructors. Children who are taught on the Sonnenskiwiese receive their lunch at the Kinderhotel Buchau. Children who are taught on the Rofan eat at the Erfurter Hütte on the mountain.

Is a ski pass required?

For all beginner kids, skiing on the Sonnenskiwiese is free of charge. As soon as the lifts are used, your kids need a regular ski pass. Lift tickets for the Rofan cable car are not included in the ski course price. Please purchase these yourself in advance at the Rofan valley station.

Please note: Photo cards are printed for 4-day tickets or more. In this case, please take your children with you to buy tickets.

Why do we only ski on the practice lift and in the children's area at the beginning?

Skiing on the practice lift is the first introduction to the slopes of the big ones. This is the only way for your child to learn to estimate speed and recognize dangers. We attach great importance to the safety of our little ones and only go to the big lifts when all the children are safe on skis and can master a longer descent.

Which languages of instruction are offered?

Our courses are mainly held in German and English. We also have Dutch-speaking teachers. However, it is difficult to offer all course levels in every language. We ask for your understanding that we first try to find the right ski instructors for all younger kids depending on their language affiliation.

Can our children be in a group together?

The groups are divided on site according to the children's riding ability and age. We start at 10:00 a.m. on the first day of the course. Please come together to the allocation and let the teacher in charge know again when you are allocated. Then we let the participants who want to be in the same group start one after the other.

Is it possible to join a course during the week?

In principle, the grouping takes place on Sunday and Monday. Beginners can only start on these two days. Depending on your learning progress, it is possible to join an existing group after one or two private lessons.

Advanced students can join an existing group at any time until Wednesday.

Saturday is a course-free day, but private lessons are also possible on this day.

When is the ski school office open?

Rofan valley station
daily 8:30 - 17:00

Main business
Saturday & Sunday 9:00 - 17:00
Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.

Buchau branch
Sunday-Friday 8:00 - 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 - 6:30 p.m.
Saturday 15:00 - 19:00

What events await our children?

Our big ski race on the Rofan takes place every Friday at 10:30 am. You are cordially invited to support your children loudly on the mountain. After the race it is normal course operation. The prize-giving ceremony will take place on Friday at 11:45 am at the assembly point. You can park your car at the Rofan valley station.

Which adult ski course is suitable for me?

We divide the group courses for adults and teens into 2 groups: No skills are required for the first group. Participants in the second group - slightly advanced - should have the plow arc and controlled braking under control.

What happens if fewer than 3 participants register for a course?

If there are fewer than 3 participants per group, groups may be merged or the lesson time may be shortened accordingly. There are of course no disadvantages for you. Course times may be changed at short notice due to weather conditions or train cancellations.